30 September 2009

Nursery oh nursery..

This morning..chewah, I send Aiman to his nursery for the last day ever..hahaha...

Why ever? By the time i arrived, one of the baby was crying outside the babies room. i took Aiman to the babies room and try to continuing his sleep before. But he managed to wake up and don't want me to lift him. So, I wait for a while. While waiting, one of the staff pick the crying baby with his hand (tergantung macam org utan bergayut) and put him in the babies room. One of the staff at the babies room had ask her why..

"Nak berdukung kata ayah dia, manja sangat. Tak maulah.." maybe she didn't see me (one of their customer parent).

"Tak mau jugaklah" the staff yang tanya sebelum nih cakap.

"Manja sangat.." and the staff that pick the babies before said and away.

In my heart ..ya allah..janganlah anak aku dibuat macam tu.

One of the staff take Aiman from me. i got to go even Aiman still crying2 manja gitu.

By the time i'm driving to office from the nursery, i wish thanks to Allah. Mulanya aku memang was2 nak tukar pengasuh Aiman. But since i saw the drama this morning.. i think, i had take the good way..

Our Family..

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